Our Growing Family of Angora Goats

Well it’s been a few weeks now and our first two kids are growing like weeds! It was a surprise to be snuggling Gyda about a week and a half after she was born and feel tiny horns already sprouting. Astrid had her horns poking out just days later and weeds they have become! Growing so fast, jumping up and climbing on everything – baby goats are simply just so much fun!

We had two of our other does have their babies on the same day. Ranger, we woke up to find had twin bucks – coloured too!

Later that day after a trip to Wellington Fibres, a wonderful mill in beautiful Elora, we arrived home to find Marmalade had a gorgeous little buck, who is a beautiful colour as well.

Ranger we found the next day to not be doing so well. Sometimes being a mother is hard and she was quite unwell. We spent the entire evening helping her out, giving her molasses and warm water, and her mineral block, also getting her up to get her system going. During this time she was feeling quite terrible she had a hard time wanting to stand and feed her babies. We fed the baby who would accept it a bottle and all was good.

Thankfully the next morning was a brand new day and things have been perfect since. She has made a complete recovery and is also a wonderful mother.

Marmalade is our most shy angora goat and also the smallest in stature.She is enjoying a private pen with her buck still and doing great.

Our daily numerous visits with the goats is something we all enjoy. Goat hugs are amazing and their antics are truly hilarious.


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