Welcome to our site, thanks for coming by! We are a small fibre farm in Ontario’s beautiful South Bruce Peninsula. We have coloured and white Angora goats, Finn sheep and Alpacas. We offer fleeces, locks, rovings, felted soap and felter’s kits for sale, as well as handspun yarn and knit or crocheted items. We also have beautiful hand turned wooden crochet hooks, yarn bowls, buttons, spindles, and distaffs made from a variety of lovely woods to choose from. We now also carry the amazing Unicorn Products!

We are a big, busy family with lots on the go. We absolutely love our fibre animals and free range Easter Egger chickens. We enjoy spending time together, trying new things and living off the land how we can. Our journey began in 2013 with our flock of chickens, no kidding they are the gateway drug of farm animals! It was so exciting having our own eggs and the wonderful companionship of chickens and their silly antics. In the meantime I learned to crochet and needle felt and became obsessed! I received a very dirty raw fleece for my birthday to have more materials to felt with, and when I processed that fleece…it was like coming home. It sang to me in a way that woke me right up! There is just something so amazing about taking the fibres grown on a lovely animal and turning it into something. Making something, it’s so pure and just speaks to my soul. I got hooked, immediately! We bought some angora goats and two sheep and have just grown from there! Spinning, felting, knitting, crocheting – I love to play with fibre! There has got to be some active blood memory there. It’s a good life, our pets provide us with gorgeous fleeces, we can wrap ourselves in their warm hugs or handmade goods, their silly ways make us smile. They fill our hearts, fibre friends really are the best!

Our shop here on the website is growing, but you should also check out our Etsy shop at  https://www.etsy.com/ca/shop/TwistsOfThisAndThat?ref=shop_sugg

We can also do custom orders, feel free to contact us about what you might like or for a beautiful fleece or fibre.

CONTACT US AT twistsofthisandthat@mail.com our contact page will take you to this address, but we have found our response emails often end up in the receivers junk mail box. So please add us to your email contact list if you are reaching out so you don’t miss our response! Thank you!