Baby Angora Goats, Twin Girls!

A few days ago, on a very busy Monday evening , I arrived home to find Lagertha in labour. The telltale mucus plug having been dispelled, Lagertha standing or sitting and seemingly staring off into space were sure signs that her baby was soon on the way. After about an hour it was clear to see the contractions she was having. She settled herself down on the floor, cried out a few bleats and suddenly, a tiny white, nothing but legs baby was lying there! Being the cold night it was, we were prepared with some towels to dry baby off with. No sooner had I done so and set her baby down close to mother, that another baby arrived! It was still in the sac so I immediately broke it open and cleared the baby’s airway. Dried her off and set her down as well. Lagertha immediately began licking the babies and caring for them, this first time mommy is a pro!

We spent some more time drying them off, then put on their little coats and then we trailed off to bed. These types of events most often occur when you haven’t slept the night before, right?

I woke often, wondering if they were warm and fed and ok. Suddenly when morning was here I went to see, and all was wonderful. All three resting peacefully.

So a few days have now gone by, mommy and kids are doing great! It’s still cold, raining or snowing continuously it seems, but despite that the twins are staying warm and well. They have a small warming hut they can go into when they wish.

The first of the two born is completely white. We have named her Gyda. Her sister, who has a few brown hairs on her neck and back, we have named Astrid. They are so completely adorable and so much fun already. Gyda bleats and bleats if you handle her which sends our children into hysterics. Astrid on the other hand is a serious snuggle bug!

I have personally never seen an animal give birth, so being there for this was just amazing! Especially with my Lagertha – I love her so much!

We have some more kids expected soon, I can’t wait and hope I am lucky enough to be there for their birth too!


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