Finnsheep, also known as Finnish Landrace, are a breed of domestic sheep which originally come from Finland. They are one of the European short-tailed breeds. Finns are prolific breeders, often birthing multiples, nine at once being the world record. They are great mothers and able to care for their young if fed a nutrient rich diet. We have had mothers feed three young successfully. Other lambs need to be supplemented, or all can be supplemented and left with their mother, which leaves them to feed from her and still be nurtured.

Finn wool is a medium grade with a micron count of 24-31. It has a beautiful lustre and an average staple length of 3-6 inches. It is soft yet durable and can be used for many garments. Lamb’s fleece is spectacularly soft for next to the skin garments, and adult wool which is still soft, can be used for cardigans, socks, mittens, scarves, blankets or anything you like. Finn wool felts remarkably! Both for needle felting and wet felting it is perfect for the job. Finn also offers so many gorgeous natural colours! White, black, grey, various browns and piebald. Finn fleece takes dye like a dream, so with a nice white fleece basically any shade of colour is achievable.

Finns are a small sized sheep with such amazing personalities! They are very friendly and docile, we have more than a few in our flock who are always eager for attention. They are smart, curious wonderful creatures. If you are interested in adding some Finns to your flock or getting a few as beautiful fibre pets, send me a message through our contact page. I would love to help you discover this charming breed!