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Power Scour

Removes ~ soil, stains and odours ~ lanolin and oil ~ wine spills, pet stains

*Reduces mats and tangles

*Increases fibre yield


*Cleans at low, energy saving temperatures

*leaves a fresh clean aroma

Fibre Wash

*cleans and refreshes all all wools and synthetic yarns

*rinses clean~does not permit soils to re-adhere to the fibre shaft

*eliminates odours and staining

*no phosphates,bleach, ammonia or fillers

Fibre Rinse

*Leaves fibres fresh, soft and cuddly

*reduces the ‘itch factor’ *great for after dyeing projects

*prevents flyaways

*spinner’s combing milk

~ all products are non-yellowing, rinse easily/low suds, high level biodegradability

Power Scour 4 ounces $7.50 16 ounces $22.00

Fibre Wash 4 ounces $7.50 16 ounces $20.00

Fibre Rinse 4 ounces $7.50 16 ounces $18.00

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