Using a Distaff

Ever wish for a third hand to keep your fibre supply tidy while using your spindle? If so, a distaff could be your new best friend. You can load a distaff with a large supply of fibre, be it rovings or batts.

Here are both finger and a wrist distaffs.

The way you can load either distaff with roving, is to begin by holding some of the fibre in place, and wrapping it around and around the distaff in a figure 8 fashion or by spiraling top to bottom then back again. It can be done tightly if you hope to load lots of fibre or less if that is what you want, it will become a personal preference.

To dress a ring distaff with a batt, you can first attach a piece of ribbon, to the distaff.

(Or use a piece of yarn, cotton thread, or twine, ribbons are just pretty!)

Then roll your batt to fit around the distaff, folding the batt over on itself to fit is ok. Wind your ribbon around the batt and tie.

The procedure is the same for a wrist distaff, attach a ribbon if you like, and tie the batt on. We sell wrist distaffs that come with leather lacing. The two single laces to tie it onto your wrist, the chained leather lace to wrap around your fibre supply.

Your wrist distaff is something you can feel free to personalize in any way you wish! Weave some beautiful strapping, braid some of your handspun, the choice is yours. No matter what you decide, the whole point is to find what works best for you and with practice, your distaff will be a handy tool you will wonder how you ever spun on without it!

Happy Spinning!


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