Our farm shop is OPEN!

It is with great joy, that I can finally say our farm shop is open! It has been a long awaited process. Adam actually had a building framed in the spring that was meant to be our farm shop, but we had some sheep that needed a home so it became a sheep shed. After some time, work began on our shop – no animals allowed!

The end of September, completion!
We do have some cuties right outside the shop door though!

I am so happy with how it turned out, and so overjoyed that finally we have a place to offer our goods other than a tote in our driveway. Perhaps the best part is the space this frees up inside our home, it’s been a bit out of control! All the totes of fibre and tools and supplies now have their own home. Which has completely inspired me to get more stock produced, this is a gooood cycle.

Dyed skeins of yarn

Adam and I are also excited to meet you! If you want to come and have a look, pet a sheep, say hello, just reach out on the contact page or DM on social media and we can set something up. We are by appointment only, that way we are sure to be here to greet you.

Washed mohair
A wide variety of handspinners tools and supplies

We will have times of the year to visit the farm to see the animals as well, lambing time and shortly after are especially fun! Come hug a lamb, or kid goat, some of the BEST hugs you can get!

If you cannot visit our shop and are interested in something just reach out, we ship too.

A delicious blend of Finnsheep wool and Mohair for make this colour

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