What a Wonderful Spring!

Dolly and her five lambs

Life has been a blur, a very busy spring, even during these “slower times” during the COVID lockdowns here in Ontario. We had another great lambing/kidding season. Twenty two ewes had sixty lambs and six goat does had nine kids. We had one ewe who had quintuplets again this year, lots of quads, triplets a few twins and two singles. Lots of busy mommas and one loud barn!

Finnsheep are great mothers, they are very attentive and love their lambs. It is so interesting to me to listen to them, both the ewe and the lambs talk with each other, just like people, each with their own individual voices and calls. Some ewes you could hear across three fields, as they can be so loud, others more quiet, reserved and not as chattery.

Sweet faces!

Finnsheep make a lot of milk to feed their multiple babies, sometimes we supplement as well to make sure all the lambs are keeping up in weight and growth. So much nutrition is in the milk. At just two weeks old the lambs also enjoy eating creep feed, which is a variety of grains and cracked corn, rolled oats and alfalfa.

Violet and her cute crew
A few of the kid angora goats

It’s not long before they’re all grown, independent and soon off to their new farm homes. A bittersweet time, but for now, trying to slow it all down and enjoy every minute of it. We hope you’ve had a great spring too!


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  1. What a delightful note! As crazy busy as it is, with both family, farm and livestock, those are fabulous times. I am so glad to hear you have had a good season with your sheep and goats. Have a great day, Joan

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