Finnsheep Fleeces

We’ve had a wonderful year with lots of healthy lambs born in the late spring. Eighteen ewes, forty nine lambs equaled one busy barn full of cuteness!

Annabelle and her lambs
Sweet little faces!

We have lots of fleeces coming up for sale, as shearing has begun! Finnsheep wool is a handspinner’s dream and excellent for felting.

Soft beautiful lamb fleeces for sale

If you would like a fleece we have many to choose from. We will have them listed in our shop or on Facebook. You can also contact us directly.

3 thoughts on “Finnsheep Fleeces”

  1. What a beautiful group🥰 Do you have any ewes for sale in the near future? We would love to add a few to our little flock!
    Thank you
    Michelle Stewart

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