We had a wonderful surprise last week when my daughter ran home to say, “Mom! A baby alpaca outside!” Finally the moment we have all been waiting for, and weren’t entirely sure would come.

When we bought our little herd of alpacas 13 months ago, we were told that they wouldn’t likely get pregnant as they had been bred in the past numerous times and never have any had a cria. Alpacas being the oddball creatures they are have various unique features and traits, one of which is not showing their pregnancy. Our alpaca mother, Cocoa Puff near the end finally looked a wee bit wider but really nothing that provided certainty of her condition. It was mostly noticing she looked uncomfortable which gave us a shining hope she was indeed going to have a cria.

She had this handsome little boy, no problems at all. Soon enough he was up on his gangly, adorable legs, nursing and taking in his surroundings.

He is sooooooo soft! Like really, unlike anything I’ve touched before.

The funny thing about Alpacalypse, Al for short, is his mother is all brown and his father also. Yet for some reason, he too was born with a white hat, like five out of six of our newest born lambs. The white had club has many members this summer.

We are not sure if any of our other alpacas are pregnant, but I sure hope at least one more may be. We may train this little guy as a pack alpaca and bring him on our hikes in the woods some day.


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