Welcome Finn Lambs!

Well, our Elyse has looked ready to lamb any time for the past three weeks. With the heat wave we had I felt concerned for her. Panting away, uncomfortable, humid air, her udder huge with milk supply. When it felt impossible for her to get any bigger, she continued to do just that.

Today though she was acting different. She went off alone and wasn’t interested in much of anything. I hung out with her all afternoon. Moved her inside to her stall and continued to wait.

Hours later it was clear she was trying to lamb, problem was though she wasn’t doing anything but straining. I tried reaching in for baby, but things just didn’t feel right. Thankfully Adam has experience in his department so when he realized baby was coming out backwards he knew what to do.

Elyse cleaned off her lamb and had another just minutes later. This little guy needed help getting out as he was jumbled up as well – and big! He is solid and longer and taller than his sister

Elyse got him cleaned up as well and we spent a good hour out with her and the lambs. The kids finally made their way out to excitedly greet them too.

Finally we made our way into the house. Gave the youngest kids baths, had showers ourselves, made snacks for everyone and put the kids to bed.

I decided to go check on the sheep, when I did was it ever a surprise! There were three! Thank goodness the last one must have presented properly. There was a large chunk of time in between the birth of the first two and the last, which I found very surprising.

Yay! Our lambs are here, healthy and well and finally I feel so much relief for Elyse. With this being our first lambing I really didn’t know completely what to expect. Can’t wait for tomorrow, fuzzy little lamb hugs!


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