Easter and Waiting and Living Full Colour

Who knew that we would still be waiting on these kids to be born! I really thought they would have been here by now, especially when we had to be away for a night last week. I was so worried we would miss things – but I guess that is indeed the upside to we are still waiting! I will say too, lesson learned – no matter how busy life is, it is very important to write down the dates the billy goat visited with his friends so you can plan for births.

I have kept busy during the wait though. With four kids it’s always busy and go go go, but I did manage to have a half a day of dyeing squeezed in and oh it was wonderful! I kissed hubby good bye as he went off to work and instead of tackling the usual house chores I grabbed the dye pot and was off! I am so happy I did so. It was peaceful bliss dyeing before the kids woke up, then some more after the school drop offs. I ended up with eight colours and am obsessing over all the combinations I can make. With Easter weekend here, batt making has taken a back seat to precious time with family – which is fine with me, one day our home will be quiet and full of making time. As for now, time together just can’t be beat! But with that said, if I happen to find any free time, I know what I will be doing as the wool is finally dry now.

Happy Easter! May you all be blessed with lots of love and good food and memories to keep!

Our needle felted bunny and Easter eggs.


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